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Think You Know Everything There is to Know About Volatile Content? Think again.

  • Multiple methods of measurement and reporting
  • Exempt chemicals can still pose health hazards
  • Varying amounts of product required for application

CompAIR is FREE to use and lets you:

  • Measure and compare volatile ingredients in wet-applied products as installed
  • Create a library of wet-applied products to compare
  • Measure volatile content avoided through product selection
  • Save and edit your product library
  • Export and share your results

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Building Product Library

The Pharos Building Product Library (BPL) combines manufacturer transparency and independent research to provide in-depth health and environmental information about a wide range of building products. Browse dozens of product categories, or use our search filters to specify your product criteria.

Chemical and Material Library

The Pharos Chemical and Material Library (CML) is an online catalog of chemicals, polymers, metals, and other substances. It identifies key health and environmental information using authoritative scientific lists for specific human and environmental health hazards, restricted substance lists, and GreenScreen List Translator scores. The CML also characterizes the process chemistry used to produce substances and screens woods against endangered species lists.

Certifications and Standards Library

The Pharos Certifications and Standards Library provides a wealth of information on certifications and standards used to measure the environmental and health impacts of building materials, including VOC content and emissions, recycled and biobased content, and more.

Companies using Pharos to inform their building product selection include:


The Pharos Project by the Numbers

The Pharos Project:

  • evaluates 1,943 building products & components from 327 manufacturers, across 15 major product categories. The ingredients of 469 products are completely disclosed by 62 manufacturers.
  • profiles 57,189 chemicals and materials for 25 health and environmental hazards, including carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, reproductive toxicity and endocrine disruption, against 76 authoritative lists of hazards issued by governments, NGOs and other expert bodies.
  • rates 343 product certifications and standards and uses them in building product evaluations.