The New Pharos Project Is Here!

After months of work and years of taking in user feedback – we have pushed up the new version of the Pharos Project, the one debuted last week at Greenbuild. There are many new features to try – and a completely new, and much simplified, layout. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be adding new data and features.

Our goal was to make Pharos much easier to use – making it much more likely that you’ll find the information you are looking for quickly. We are unveiling a much-simplified presentation of the in-depth materials health data we are known for. Tabbed displays for product, chemical and other material profiles allow you to more easily locate and navigate among critical information including contents, hazards and Greenscreen data.

With new tools you will be able to:

  • Automate Information Requests – Issue information requests to manufacturers for HPDs directly from Pharos.
  • Create Customized Product Lists – To be researched and specified. Built-in templates ensure that exemption requests conform to your firm’s values.
  • Identify HPD and Greenscreen hazards – HPD and Greenscreen icons readily identify hazards on an HPD priority list and those with Greenscreen rankings.

Companies using Pharos to inform their building product selection include:


The Pharos Project by the Numbers

The Pharos Project:

  • evaluates 1,600 + building products & components from 296 manufacturers, across 13 major product categories. The ingredients of 380 products are completely disclosed by 59 manufacturers.
  • profiles 34,400 + chemicals and materials for 22 health and environmental hazards, including carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, reproductive toxicity and endocrine disruption, against 60 authoritative lists of hazards issued by governments, NGOs and other expert bodies.
  • rates over 250 product certifications and uses them in building product evaluations.

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