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The CompAIR volatile ingredients calculator helps users identify building products that release less chemicals into the air. Since we are exposed to these chemicals when we breathe, and some are hazardous, selecting products with lower or no Volatile Ingredients can help avoid damaging worker and occupant health.

What is the difference between Volatile Ingredients and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)?

What goes into the CompAIR volatile ingredients calculator?

How does the calculation work?

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This calculator requires data that can usually be found on the product data sheets or (M)SDS. For help finding the data, click on the symbol on the right side. For additional questions, see our FAQ.

If a single value is provided, enter as the minimum (Min) value.

(100% - wt% solids - wt% water) × product density × coats required = weight volatiles
standard coverage area
wt volatiles × wt product × vol product × coats required = wt volatiles
wt product vol product area covered per coat 1 area
% Weight Solids:
% Weight Water:
Standard coverage:
Batch size:
Coats required:

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