Selecting Components for Carpet Styles in Pharos v2

Sarah Gilberg - March 22, 2012

Those of you who have been with us for a while may notice that our carpet browsing has changed in Pharos v2.  We used to require users to select which fiber and which backing they wanted to see for a carpet style before they could view the final product profile and score.  But this approach made comparing carpet styles time-consuming.

In the new Pharos, carpet styles appear in product search results the same as for any product category.  If there are multiple options for backings and/or fibers for a given style, a default option has been selected for the purpose of browsing and comparing.  But we still let you select different carpet component options within the product profile.  How, you ask?   It’s really cool, and super fast….

In the Material Contents listing for a carpet style, if there are alternate options available for components, those options will appear under an “Alternate Contents” heading below the Material Contents list.  Components that are interchangeable will be marked with a draggable handle (marked with the :: symbol) on the left hand side.  To swap out a carpet component, click and hold its handle to drag and drop the component from the Material Contents list to the Alternate Contents.  Then drag and drop the component you wish to add from the Alternate Contents list to the Material Contents list.  Click “Refresh Product Profile” et voila! The profile and its scores now reflect the components you have chosen.  Of course, you need to make sure you are swapping out a backing for a backing, or a fiber for a fiber.    

These features are also available in other product categories that have products with optional or interchangeable components.  For example, some of our wood flooring products have many different options for wood species to be used.

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Sarah Gilberg is a Developer for the Healthy Building Network.