Coming Soon to Pharos Subscribers: Powerful New Research and Collaboration Tools

Sarah Gilberg - September 19, 2011

You spoke; we listened. In the coming weeks, we will be launching Pharos Version 2: the in-depth, transparent product and material information you have come to rely upon, with expanded capabilities and tools.

NEW Team Tools - We have dramatically increased the collaboration capabilities of Pharos for your company and project teams. Pharos users will be able to create product lists, save searches, use tags and share data and preferences within your company or in collaboration with other subscribers on a project team.

The new Pharos team tools will reduce the time and energy you spend communicating your firm's product specifications to clients, colleagues, and others; eliminate redundant research; make it easier to identify multiple qualifying products; and increase your control over substitutions throughout the construction schedule.

Other highlights include:

  • Redesigned product profile view - emphasizes the pros and cons of a product at a glance, and compares it to other products in its category; lets you see health hazards of material contents without leaving the product profile page.
  • Redesigned chemical profile view - identifies environmental and health hazards ordered by level of concern, as well as restricted substance lists and life cycle impacts (see a sneak peek of part of a profile page here).
  • NEW Site-wide text search - enables you to find products, chemicals, blogs and more by name, keyword, manufacturer, etc.
  • NEW Certifications library - evaluates over 100 common product certifications; helps you compare them and understand how they affect scores in Pharos.
  • And more! - more transparent information about the Pharos team and our research process; redesigned blog; updated and easier-to-read information about our scoring protocols; user administration tools for team and firm subscriptions; and other site improvements.

Pharos V2 is coming your way soon. Stay tuned for further updates.

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Also coming soon: new product categories! We are preparing roofing membranes and wood flooring for opening in the coming weeks.

Sarah Gilberg is a Developer for the Healthy Building Network.