Building Product Library

"The way the Pharos presents in-depth comparisons is elegant and intuitive. It is far beyond anything we could contemplate developing and maintaining in-house, and can really help cut through the greenwash."

--Kristi Ennis, AIA, Director of Sustainable Design, Boulder Associates Architects

Product Categories

There are 1633 products profiled in the Building Product Library

Get the details on a product’s pros, cons, material contents and alternatives.
  • Learn what's inside each product thanks to manufacturer participation and disclosure and independent research by the Pharos team.
  • See how products score on VOCs, Toxic Content, Manufacturing Toxics, Renewable Materials, Renewable Energy and Reflectance.
  • Evaluate and compare alternatives according to your needs or preferences.
  • See health hazards of material contents without leaving the product profile.

Find Out What's Really in Building Products

  • Detailed material contents listings automatically screen for health hazards in the Chemical and Material Library
  • In-depth research by the Pharos team fills in the gaps where contents are undisclosed

Easily Compare Product Pros and Cons

  • Pros and cons are highlighted for easy comparison
  • Products are scored for VOCs, Toxic Content, Manufacturing Toxics, Renewable Materials, Renewable Energy and Reflectance impacts
  • Scoring details link to transparent scoring protocols and extensive certifications library

Browse, Search and Filter for the Products that Best Fit Your Project Needs

  • Browse by product category and compare product scores at a glance
  • Filter search results by select restricted substance lists, LEED material credits, and health concerns as well as the level of manufacturer disclosure
  • Find products by name, keyword, or manufacturer through the global text search

Save and Share Results

  • Save products and searches to your individual, company, or project library
  • Print QR codes for easy integration with your company's physical product sample library